Jill Tietjen Named Advocate for Women & Girls


Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Women of Distinction selected women for seven awards as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of Women of Distinction.  Jill Tietjen was named Advocate for Women & Girls.  An Advocate for Women & Girls recognizes a Woman of Distinction who goes above and beyond as an advocate for women and girls and who exemplifies exceptional leadership as a mentor, champion and innovative agent of change.

Mile High Mentors Podcast

Jill Tietjen is has dedicated her life to helping young girls and women make a difference through philanthropy, mentoring, and more in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math, aka STEM.

She’s a speaker, author of Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America, a current blogger for the Huffington Post and president of the Board of Directors of the National Women’s Hall of Fame, which has made a major accomplishment in getting women figures printed on the next round of US currency.

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The Grid End Game – Transmission & Distribution World Magazine

In recent years, there have been numerous pronouncements about the upcoming demise of the bulk power grid as consumers are projected to move toward decentralized green energy sources. In 2010, the Bloom Box was going to provide power from a refrigerator-sized box to the masses. In 2013, David Crane, then CEO of NRG Energy, told Bloomberg that the electric grid would be obsolete in a manner and timeframe comparable to that in which cell phones have replaced land lines. The consensus at DistribuTECH’s 2015 Smart Grid Conference was that by the end of the decade one-third of the electricity supply could come from distributed energy resources.
We do not believe the end of the electric grid is near. Decarbonization efforts will likely be accompanied by increasing transmission expansion. In the last decade, low load growth in the U.S. has been accompanied by continued transmission growth. Annual electric load growth has trended downward over our lifetimes. However, in the past decade, investment in the transmission system has been continuously increasing. What is driving this growth in transmission?

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The Role of Fracking in the U.S. Utility: Battle of Gas vs. Coal – Cornerstone Magazine Autumn 2016

For decades, coal was the dominant fuel for electric power generation in the U.S.  Although advances in natural gas generation technology allowed natural gas to become increasingly competitive with coal and other generation options, regulatory constraints and market  influences drove coal to remain the overwhelming source for baseload power throughout most of the 20th century.  However, in the early 21st century the advent of horizontal drilling as an adjunct to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) significantly reduced the price as well as the price volatility of natural gas.  These changes, combined with increased environmental regulation for coal-fired generation, have led to natural gas surpassing coal in terms of net U.S. generation.

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