Corporate Boards

Professional board member, board advisor and C-suite executive, Jill Tietjen has informed corporate strategy and risk management at the intersection of business and government for 35 years.

Jill brings to the boardroom a honed consensus-building style, superior strategic aptitude and mature public policy judgment gained from over 15 years as a sitting director of a leading electric utility – Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC). Recruited as a charter board member, she oversaw the growth of GTC from $600M to a $1.9B award-winning organization. On numerous boards, her vision and business acumen provide strategic guidance that builds competitive advantage through key acquisitions – including hostile takeovers. As a leadership transition and compensation committee member with keen insights on CEO succession planning, she facilitated three CEO selection processes.  Jill’s leadership provides oversight on strategies for dealing with the increased complexities in energy and regulatory environments.

Jill’s corporate board bio

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